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INFINITI Software is a world-class product design & development studio specialized in web- and mobile-friendly platforms for startups.

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A design concept is what you need when time crunch doesn`t allow for a complete process. This is where INFINITI Software comes in handy. We design up to four main screens of your product, ready for public display. Fixed price. One week.

Order a Concept

What you'll get as a result

Main screens designed

Beautifully designed sections of your digital product interface, which can be demoed to shareholders and investors before production.

Presentable content

The assets we design are ready for public display, can be included in your pitch decks, whitepapers, etc.

Pre-MVP Package

The elements we design can be easily translated into a real product MVP.

Development-ready files

We equip the concept with simple a UI kit that allows you to experiment with colors and typography during the production phase.

Partial Cases

Shout App

Shopping Centers Near You
  • Design of 12 main screens
  • Figma files with all the assets
  • Design System with components

Pandora Open

Payments peer-to-peer encrypted
  • Design of 12 main screens
  • Figma files with all the assets
  • Design System with components

Facile App

Manage Your Employees
  • Design of 12 main screens
  • Figma files with all the assets
  • Design System with components

More of what
to expect

Full Prepayment

One Week

One Iteration

Best for startups

one week

Just one week from start to finish

The Baseline (Day 1)

Within 1-2 business days, we’ll reach out to you and schedule a call to discuss the details.

The Kick-Of (Day 2)

At this stage, we’ll discuss with you all the details and issues needed to start the concept creating process.

The Design (Day 3-6)

Considering the pack selected and your business needs, we develop a quick and scalable design solution.

The Rollout (Day 7)

We deliver finalized design assets according to the pack selected 1 week after the project start.

Frequently asked questions

A concept serves as a functional prototype of your innovative idea that will eventually transform into your envisioned website. It encompasses a meticulously crafted Figma or Adobe XD design, meticulously incorporating your logo, design language, and branding elements, all customized to perfectly align with your unique preferences and specific requirements.
It can be used as a promo materials, you can showcase them to stakeholders and investors, it can be easily scalable to your project MVP. It can be used by: first-time entrepreneurs, developers in need of UI design, tech professionals looking to venture out, side hustlers, founders looking for VC, designers who need a detached view, look and everyone who could use a great design concept.
  • The Branding add-on includes a logo, a typographic pair, and a set of brand colors.
  • The Extended concept add-on allows us to cover more features with an increased number of screens.
  • Webflow implementation allows yo to get a fully functional and deployed website developed by our team on Webflow.
  • Responsive includes versions of the concept for different screen sizes. Included by default in the Webflow implementation add-on.
  • The Illustration add-on puts in a custom 2D or 3D illustration capturing the essence of the concept or a specific feature.
  • Dark/Light theme is an add-on that allows us to design a contrasting dark or light extra theme for the initial set of screens.
  • Revision introduces an intermediary design hand-off for you to suggest specific changes if required.
Adding these design add-ons will bring a lot of visual value to the concept but will also affect delivery time and budget. We’ll discuss the exact overage on a call with you.
One of the main requirements allowing us to charge such a competitive price is limited edits per concept. We can do small changes of the copy and layouts but every significant pivot should happen on terms different from the initial agreement.
A concept is just the beginning. If it does what it’s supposed to and the project kicks off, we’ll gladly continue developing the idea and designing it into a complete product using the significant resources that Shakuro Agency has to offer.
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