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We’re an award-winning, New York-based, full-service design and development Mobile apps agency. We create rich, unique and innovative applications and games for iOS and Android platforms. At our core, is a desire to push the boundaries in what is possible in the mobile world, by combining new technologies with contemporary design, relevant to local and global audiences.

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We are committed to creating apps that generate buzz, get featured in the app store, and win awards. We accomplish this by focusing on the users’ needs and making apps that are easy to understand, aesthetically pleasing, and solve a problem.

We innovate by designing and developing digital experiences


We employ creativity both in the variety of our solutions as well as in their presentation. Our apps all have a character and a voice of their own.


Our team makes use of its diversity, expertise, and years of experience to attack issues, from all sides and come up with solutions that are innovative and effective.

Result Driven

We build apps with a goal in mind. Wether it is a marketing tool, a utility application or a game, we do everything to ensure our clients' primary need is entirely fulfilled.

User Friendly

We place user experience at the core of our design, providing users with an intuitive responsive way to interact with your app. We make navigation extra smooth and the layout and logical structure of the app pages 
feel completely natural.


Our apps are built to run fast and give a streamlined experience. We customize the appearance and interface for each operating system to give a native platform that blends perfectly. We also ensure that the storage requirements are minimal.


Wether your project is a massive online platform with a heavy back-end or a simple game, we work to ensure that it is perfectly functional and bug-free. We maintain a close relationship with our clients down the line, both maintaining and upgrading their apps as we grow together.

So why
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We develop native apps for both Android as well as iOS devices. Our apps are extensively researched and tested to ensure they function perfectly and respond to all the criteria that our clients set. Clients choose us for our expertise and our ability to help in refining features and streamlining the purpose of their apps.

Types of
apps we
Ecommerce Apps

We create smooth and intuitive stores that let your customers purchase your products seamlessly at the touch of a button.

Business Apps

Whether you own a restaurant, beauty salon, or medical clinic, we can and will help you boost revenue with your own app.

Utility Apps

We can help you streamline internal business processes and save millions in the long run or create useful tools for your clients.

Augmented Reality Apps

The possibilities are limitless when you can bend reality. Let us create apps that will leave your clients in awe.

CMS Apps

We develop custom CMS that add another level manage your business and your websites.

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Bring your next project to life! At INFINITI Software, we assist our clients with their vision to make it a reality.

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Using the latest technology, creativity and innovative ideas, we provide a full range of Website Design and Development services.

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